Hello Jani,
I just came in from my first day riding my new "black viper" from goltes - W O W !!!!
I just LOVE it!!! It´s PERFECT, running like beeing on tracks and the feeling is like consuming drugs - I think so, I never tried yet ;)
Tomorrow I will try to ride the board without the race-plate to feel the difference...
Thanks for the information about your event - too bad that I can´t come over because I will still be on my familiy-snow-holiday till next saturday :/
But I´ll tell my friend and give em your mailadress and all the data
Perhaps I will show up on one of your next world-cup-events, just let me know the data - or can I find them on your page (I will check it)...
Hey Jani, once again THANK YOU for all your help and advice!
Take care and keep on having FUN!!!
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