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The new brotherhood has been enhanced to optimize the riding feel of this all terrain
destroyer. Chosen by many of our teamriders for its soft flex highback, this binding
performs equally well on slopes, off kickers, down rails or in deep pow.
sLAB base | team highback | ultralight strap | evo buckle | new CMF tilt footbed
Na zalogiVelikostBarva
S: US 5 - 7 ( za čevlje 37-40)Črna/Bela
M: US 7-9 (za čevlje 40-42,5)Črna/Bela
NEM: US 7-9 (za čevlje 40-42,5)Zelena/Črna
NEL: US 9-11 (za čevlje 42,5-45)Zelena/Črna
NEXL: US 11-14 (za čevlje 45-48,5)Zelena/Črna

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